In this week's episode we sum up over a week of drinking Bulletproof Coffee. We discuss how we implemented us, surprising side-benefits, some potential drawbacks and how to decide if it's right for you.

Then we delve into PLP, a daily Pushup, Lunge and Pullup program designed to be practiced in addition to your normal training routine.  I outline:

-How it started and what inspired the PLP program

-How it works on a physiological basis

-How to implement it

-My take on the program and why I am not doing the lunges

-Past experience with high frequency pushups and pullups

-Deciding if this is right for you and ways to tweak it for your current fitness

As always, we hope this information helps us get more jacked!  Plus we want to be be awesome at pullups and pushups, who doesn't?! And of course, we want to stay HEALTHY while trying these things out.  

Can this program give us all three?  Find out by tuning in next week!

Some tips:

1.  Keep a whiteboard on your fridge so you can add the reps for each day/week/month so you don't lose track of how many you're supposed to do. Cross off each days as you complete them.

2. First thing in the morning or at the end of the day works great - keep at least a few hours between the PLP and your normal training.

3.  Do each rep total in as few sets as possible with good form and staying 2-3 reps shy of failure.

4.  Feel free to bang reps out while you make dinner, drink coffee, do chores around the house etc.  Just get them done!