Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our orders are taken through our website only. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal as payment.

We have two unique ordering windows:
  • Order Sunday through Wednesday for the following Monday fulfillment
  • Order Thursday through Saturday for the following Thursday fulfillment

If you have chosen delivery, we deliver the morning of your fulfillment date, between 7:30am and 1:30pm. You will receive a text notification (unless you unsubscribe) indicating when your delivery is next, as well as when it is delivered.

Delivery is a flat $10 fee. In addition, all deliveries require a $50 minimum purchase.

Yes, you can pickup at our shop at 1650 Whitney Avenue in Hamden or one of our participating pickup locations.
Pickup at The Strong Kitchen is 10am-6pm on Mondays and 8am-4pm on Thursdays. Each participating pickup location has its own open hours as indicated when choosing their location.

There is no order minimum for pickup. However, all deliveries have a $50 minimum.

Generally no. If The Strong Kitchen has a planned closure (such as Christmas), we indicate that via email and social media to our customers as well as a notification on our menu. Unless you hear otherwise from us, plan on your food being prepared and delivered per usual.

  • Delivery: If there is an issue with missing items or bags with your delivery, please text The Strong Kitchen number that communicates your delivery notifications and email us at If a driver forgot a bag, we can usually resolve that very quickly.
  • Pickup: If there is an issue with missing items or bags when picking up, you may also text our communication number, email or simply stop back into our shop to resolve it as quickly as possible.
We will always do everything in our power to correct an issue!

  • A la carte: These orders are simply “pick what you like”. Purchasing 5 meals or more automatically applies a meal discount. We do not offer discounts or bundles on Sides or Snacks.
  • Subscription: Our subscriptions offer further discounted meal packs! We use a “credit” based subscription, where we charge you based on the subscription pack size and then apply those discounted meal credits to your account each week. When you checkout, those meal credits automatically apply to your order so you would only pay for additional items or delivery. For instance, a 10 meal pack subscription would apply 10 meal credits to your account weekly. When you place your order, those 10 meal credits would cover the cost of 10 meals.
Once you sign up for a subscription you are charged immediately for your meal package and then every subsequent Sunday morning. Your account has must be charged in advance so the discounted meal credits can be placed onto your account for your use prior to ordering. We send a confirmation email each week when your account is charged for the subscription. Pausing or cancelling a subscription is left entirely up to the customer, we do not manage or check individual accounts nor do we provide refunds for charged subscriptions.

You can pause your account by logging in, clicking the account icon and then the “subscription” tab. You can choose to pause indefinitely until you log back in and resume or you can set a date in advance for the subscription to resume on it’s own.
Since subscriptions are charged Sunday mornings, you must pause your subscription prior to the week you intend to skip.

As indicated, you can resume manually or with a set date. Since subscriptions are charged Sunday mornings you want to resume the Sunday of the week you are ordering (for example, resume Sunday the 12th to order on Monday the 13th).

All of our meals, snacks and sides are gluten free with the sole exception of our burritos. Many of our menu items are dairy free also! We indicate on each meal whether it is gluten free and/or dairy free using icons representing each.

Our a la carte meal offerings differ on pricing based on your choices. However, when buying 5 or more meals you receive an automatic discount where each meal is $12.00. Subscriptions offer further discounts based on the meal pack size.

We have microwave reheating instructions for each meal on the label. Usually 2-3 minutes, lid off, on high. We also encourage customers to reheat in a preheated oven on an oven-safe dish or tray at 350 for 12-15 minutes or on the stove top in a saute pan. Oven and stove top yield best flavors and textures when you have the time.