Our Goal

The Strong Kitchen is all about results. That's why we've created convenient, delicious, and healthy meals that take out all the guesswork. Want fat loss? We've got it. Want to gain muscle? We've got that, too. And if you just need something delicious for lunch, we've got you covered. Our goal is to take the stress out of eating healthy and provide the simplest solution to your fitness and health goals.

We offer a variety of healthy and creative meal options each week that fit your lifestyle, your nutrition goals and your taste buds.


Meet The Team​​​​​​​

Lucas Serwinski

Owner and Head Chef

Lucas started out as a trained chef turned nutrition coach and personal trainer.  After coaching many clients, it was obvious what most people need is convenient, hassle-free food to bridge the gap to their physique and health goals.   Luke donned his  retired apron (like a really low level retired Batman), got a quick biceps pump and The Strong Kitchen was created! Our goal is to make leaning out, gaining muscle and eating healthy as easy, delicious and fun as possible. Luke is a trained chef from The New England Culinary Institute, Precision Nutrition coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  

Gabriel Morris

Head Baker and Sous Chef

Gabriel is a trained pastry chef and inventor of our protein bites (where would we be without her?!) who loves cooking whole, unprocessed food. Gabriel has a passion for lifting weights, eating lots of protein, her cat Mono, and the X-Files. Quite a winning combination!

Questions about baked goods, gluten-free items and Paleo or Autoimmune protocols? Email