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Welcome to The Strong Kitchen, a prepared meal service offering Paleo-friendly, customized, chef-made meals from scratch. Our meals come fresh, portioned for your goals and conveniently packaged.

Our menu is centered around Paleo ingredients with athlete-friendly additions like rice, oats, and quinoa. Most of our meals are dairy- and wheat-free, made with whole, unprocessed foods like lean protein and vegetables.

The Strong Kitchen offers a few ways to place your orders. Choose to order a la carte each week, or save by purchasing a weekly subscription!

Option 1
Ordering A la Carte
Order every week from our menu. Buy 5 or more meals and save: Pay just $10/each.

Option 2
Subscribe & Save
Save 5% on 5 or 10 meals per week by setting up a Strong Kitchen subscription. Meal credits will be delivered to your account automatically every Monday.
5 meals/week
Get 5% off! $47.50/week
10 meals/week
Get 5% off! $95.00/week