Our Team

Lucas Serwinski

Owner and Head Chef

Lucas started out as a trained chef turned nutrition coach and personal trainer.  After coaching many clients, it was obvious what most people need is convenient, hassle-free food to bridge the gap to their physique and health goals.   Luke donned his  retired apron (like a really low level retired Batman), got a quick biceps pump and The Strong Kitchen was created! Our goal is to make leaning out, gaining muscle and eating healthy as easy, delicious and fun as possible. Luke is a trained chef from The New England Culinary Institute, Precision Nutrition coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  

Gabriel Morris

Head Baker and Sous Chef

Gabriel is a trained pastry chef and inventor of our protein bites (where would we be without her?!) who loves cooking whole, unprocessed food. Gabriel has a passion for lifting weights, eating lots of protein, her cat Mono, and the X-Files. Quite a winning combination!

Questions about baked goods, gluten-free items and Paleo or Autoimmune protocols? Email gabrielmorris24@gmail.com.