custom macro & Nutrition Program

In this exciting 12 week program we put an end to the confusion in portion sizes, meal timing, grocery shopping, meal prep and food journaling. You'll receive structured one on one coaching with TONS of resources and tools to create success while learning how to lean out.

You'll receive your own personal nutrition program where we teach you how to weigh, measure and track your food - giving you the maximum flexibility in food choices, best results and greatest adherence.  You'll receive all the coaching tools and knowledge you need to create success. Clear cut guidelines and direction with no guessing and no stressing, empowering you in the process!

Start: January 7th, 2018

Once again, The Strong Kitchen has updated it's Custom Nutrition Program!. This 12 week series has been highly successful in educating, empowering and creating sustainable results with our clients; in just our last program alone we had many clients losing 10-12 lb, inches off their waist and hips and getting stronger in the gym. But we want to bring you even MORE.

In our new Custom Macro & Nutrition Program, we teach you how to eat "eat flexibly".  Find out how this strategy will take you to the next level.

What’s a customized macro & nutrition plan?

With a customized macro (short for macronutrient) and nutrition plan, we teach you the ins and outs of flexible nutrition. Flexible nutrition is simply a method of keeping your calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber tracked and monitored for best results - without restrictions on food choices.

This means that NO food is off limits as long as you meet your guidelines and goals set in your plans. This is perhaps the most educational, sustainable way to hit your goals while actually teaching intuitive eating.  

You'll receive a customized program that is fit to your specific needs, goals and preferences. Then we will teach you how to make healthy food choices, track them and monitor them for the best results.

Education and guides

Not only do you get an awesome, customized nutrition plan to follow as a guide to get results, our program includes ALL of the following:

-How to weigh and measure food

-How to track food with a food tracking app on your phone

-How to adjust choices to hit your goals with foods you like

-Weekly education series on protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables

-Grocery shopping lists

-Portion guides

-Smart snacking guides

-Activity guides and step tracking for even better fat loss and recovery

Program details

This program is the first time we’ve offered a custom macro & nutrition plan for each amazing client in our program.  We’ve figured out all the calories, portions and meal timing delivered into a simple and easy to follow nutrition plan. All you need to do is follow it!

And along the way, you learn about food sources, portions, snacking, how to successfully go out to eat and shop on your own. You'll learn that context is everything with food and that nutrition is not an all-or-nothing approach.  You CAN enjoy dinner out, snacks and treats as long as you adhere to the basic program structure.

The program length is 12 weeks and we cannot wait to get incredible results. This is the perfect time to get in shape, improve all your health markers, lose fat, gain muscle and do it all in the simplest and most supported way possible. You’ll do all of this with a group of other people working alongside you in a private Facebook group and supporting each other. It's like nothing you've done before!

This will also include an in-person "kick off" meeting where we'll teach you as a group how to weigh, measure and track so everyone has the knowledge and confidence in their program.

This is for you if:

-Getting maximum results in 12 weeks is your goal

-Following a specific and planned program is ideal for you

-You want to learn how to weigh, measure and track your food

-You want to break the cycle of following "diets" and learn what matters MOST for your goals

-You want an optimized program that is simple to follow and takes out the guesswork

-You want to be educated and learn about shopping, meal prep, portioning and meal timing

“I went into the 12 week nutrition coaching a little nervous-I don’t like the idea of being on a diet or having to restrict myself to only eating certain foods! But it was nothing like I expected-Luke helped me learn to listen to my body-figuring out what types foods fueled me best on workout and rest days, how to avoid afternoon energy crashes, and what a portion size of different foods actually looked like. Luke provided great insight and feedback as I worked through experimenting with different foods (some of which I was scared to try or had sworn I would never eat) and when I struggled with meeting the needs of my sweet tooth in a healthy way. By the end of the program not only had I leaned out, but I felt empowered to make the choices that gave me energy and left me feeling satisfied with my eating!”

— Maureen

Time to invest in yourself. Ready to do this? 

12 Weeks of Custom Nutrition Programming - Early Bird Price $375 / January 1st price $415

EMAIL to claim your spot!

*Must have regular access to email and Facebook.  Resources are sent through email and the entire program, group support and check-ins are done via private Facebook group.