Moving Forward

Are you kidding me?  It's 2020?

I remember thinking 1997 seemed like a futuristic number in 6th grade. #doesthismakemeold

As we start our sixth calendar year as The Strong Kitchen it makes me think about how we can keep improving what we do.  We have New Year's goals too!  A few things we are working on include upgrading our packaging to something not only better but more environmentally friendly.  We're expanding our delivery area and of course adding to the menu.

There are other items we are working on but like all goals, some can be done in a month or two and some need the full year (if not longer) to come to fruition.

It's important to remember that achieving goals in fitness isn't unlike achieving them in other areas of life.  You know a raise takes work over time to earn or that obtaining a degree requires a multi-year commitment.

The higher your goal, generally the longer the road leading to it.

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As you set and work on goals for yourself this year, really think about the time constraints of what you want to do.  How long will this take and possibly more important, how much time am I willing to put into?

I know if there's a big project at work it's going to dominate a lot of my time.  If you want a six-pack or are looking to add muscle it's not just a casual activity.  It requires intent, focus and commitment outside of the norm.

It also means more time in the gym, shopping, prepping, packing, It might mean giving up some social situations that include a lot of alcohol or excess calories.  Getting to bed earlier.

If you want it, be ready to work for it.  This is why fad diets and supplements are so popular, they're just selling a short cut.  And that is very appealing when you want something that requires a ton of effort.

The trouble is, they focus on making you believe that the shortcut actually works by appealing to your vanity.  Trust me, most of the guys and gals you see in an infomercial were already in that shape before they made the infomercial.  And pills and powders appeal because we literally don't even have to exercise to reap the benefit!

When I had the idea for The Strong Kitchen it came from people spending so much time and money on everything but eating better - when that was the one thing holding them back.

There are many nutrition options you can use to lean out and be healthy whether it's grain free, wheat free, vegetarian, low fat, low carb etc.  But they all usually have some commonalities that drive success such as calorie control, adequate protein and providing satiety.

As we grow, we won't stray from being open and honest about why our meals help people - it's not complicated but it's practical, saves you time, money and frustration. Not because they lack wheat.

If you have a big goal, make sure not to give up things that are already working for you.  If you are seeing results with 3 gym sessions a week and it's all you can fit into your schedule for now, don't risk crashing it all down because you tried to go to 5 sessions per week.  If one aspect is working, address an aspect that isn't instead.

Often times, you are already doing a few things right!

I remember when I was younger trying out so many diets to lean out or gain muscle and I would totally give up what I was doing before when I tried something new.  Looking back I can see that sometimes I was doing a lot of things right but abandoned them all for something that seemed more appealing.

We've all been there.

Do a systems check on yourself and truly assess what needs to be changed.  Most of us KNOW exactly the areas we need to improve but it's hard to be honest.  If you had to find the one thing that you know is your stumbling stone, you could.  We all could.

Find that thing and any other aspects that might be the real thing holding you back and pour your time into them.  Could be alcohol, not getting enough sleep, skipping gym sessions or over eating at night. 

If you already work all day on your feet you probably don't need to count steps.  If you get to bed at 9am, there's no reason to start taking sleep supplements.  You only add stress to that area if you start messing with a good thing.

As we move into the new year, we'll be working on some things but staying true to what works.  As you work on your goals, put your time and effort into areas of life that need addressing and lay off the others.  

Looking forward to providing you a ton of great meals and service in 2020, thank you all for choosing us!