Free Fat Loss Success Guide!

I've been working for a couple weeks on a simple and easy to use guide for beginning a fat loss program.  I like to avoid the word "diet" simply because I want everyone to practice similar habits whether they are eating to lean out, gain muscle or just maintain.  

This guide is built on sound a nutrition foundation, focusing on what you CAN eat, rather than what you can't.  You'll be prioritizing the most important factors and letting go of all the things that don't matter and just steal your mental and physical energy.

I also want you to read the entire guide and educate yourself on what fat loss even means and how important other factors are like recovery, sleep etc.

Use the checklist in the guide to align your habits and practices with what I outline as most necessary, then go through them from most to least important.  

Also download the attached grocery shopping list to build meals and pick out healthy snacks.  It is by no means a completely exhaustive list but should give you enough structure to understand how the individual components of a meal work.

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Download and print out:

Fat Loss Success Guide

Shopping List for Meals and Snacks