Are You Making These Top-5 Carbohydrate Mistakes?

**I want to note that the "low-carb"meals I reference in this episode generally refer to 1/2 cup starchy carbs per meal (or less).  Clearly you can include carbs in a meal without making them the focus and still consider it "low-carb".  

In this episode I discuss the top 5 carbohydrate intake mistakes and how to fix them.  If you address these top 5 points you will absolutely have improved recovery, fat loss, muscle gain, sleep and energy.

Carbohydrates are by no means harmful, but we can tweak our application to get the optimal results for our goals.

The top 5 mistakes discussed are:

1. Not understanding total calorie balance

2.  Ignoring the composition of our calories and how carbs fit into that total

3. Not understanding exactly what carbs do for us in terms of recovery and body composition, and implications on our health and wellness

4.  Confusing carbohydrate timing around workouts

5.  Ignoring carbohydrate timing on days off from intense exercise

Listen up and get carb-smart!